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  • We will announce the day and time Brix Board orders will open on social media and our website. We will also note how many orders we are taking for that batch.

  • ALL orders must be submitted through our website,, under the order, sponsor, donate tab. We will not accept orders any other way.

  • The order form is closed until the day and time we announce orders and it will close immediately after the allotted orders are received for that batch. Remember, if you are on the website when orders open, you will have to refresh the site to see the opened order form. It does not just pop up automatically. When we aren't taking orders, that form is closed and not visible on the site. 

  • The order form will automatically shut down when we hit our allotted number for that batch.

  • You must submit your order on our website and fill out the form in its entirety.

  • Please make sure you fill out your full address when filling out the order form to include your city, state & zip.

  • Each Brix Board takes about 4-6 hours to make from start to finish. That includes cutting the wood, sanding each board, engraving, finding & printing all the designs, nailing, stringing & packaging, so we do not give a date as to when you will receive your Brix Board.

  • We will only make one Brix Board per angel.

  • After you submit your order, a few things should happen - you will get a “thank you for submitting” message right after you hit “submit” and you will get - should get - an email right away saying “thanks for submitting your order.”

  • We will also send out individual emails to you confirming your order, asking any questions we have & sending you what we have for your Brix Board, so you can confirm the info is correct. We need all emails confirmed and all questions answered to avoid a delay in processing your Brix Board.

  • Any changes to your Brix Board order needs to be made within two hours of placing your order. You can send that to We start engraving rather quickly.

  • If you are ordering for a family member or a friend, the order form (when open) will prompt you to pay the $25.00 fee. Your name will be included in the package on our sponsorship card.

  • All sponsors will have their name written on a sponsorship card and included in the package of the board we paired you up with.

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